1. We need to be able to analyze and synthesize emotions abstractly and modularly, meaning that we need to thoroughly comprehend the essence of each emotion in isolation and how they’ll interact with each other as a whole. Without this ability, we won’t be able to understand how dark managers formulate plans based on their targets’ emotions and how the latter would be unable to think clearly and exploited willingly.
  2. We need to be able to be completely devoid of any influence of any belief or emotion. As dark managers treat anything besides the reality itself as artificial obstacles getting in their ways, they’ll only conform to constraints directly imposed from the reality itself that they’re unable to compromise. This provides them tons of options that’d be inaccessible and unthinkable for reasonable people restrained by their fears and morals.
  3. We need to have at least a basic knowledge on PR and psychology, especially cognitive biases, cognitive dissonances and emotional triggers. Preferably, we’d also have to know what are brainwashing, emotional blackmail and spinning. All these are just the basics for studying dark management and building blocks for dark managers to exploit others.
  4. We need to learn from live examples, preferably 1st hand. There are vast amounts of channels and resources for us to learn from, including dedicated articles, history, news, personal experiences, and the most valuable one — Being dark management victims.
  5. We need to be able to think clearly, critically, logically, systematically and objectively. We need to be able to simultaneously grasp the entire forest and fathom every last bit of every tree. As dark managers aim to maximize their self-interest at all cost, we need to model their mindset, which is a system with only the reality and self-interest in mind. Completely mastering such system is no different from completely mastering a mechanical system with only a single purpose and restricted by the reality itself only.
  6. We need to be able to put into the others’ shoes and decompile their inner selves. As dark managers use them to learn about their targets to find the weakest moments of their weakest spots, we also need to be that perceptive to really get how they think. Also, these abilities let us have a look on how the dark management victim will feel, so we’ll realize how devastating dark management can be and how dark managers can use these intel to further exploit those targets until they’re finally used up and disposed.
  7. We need to be able to possess thick faces and black hearts. This is the absolute lowest common denominator of all dark managers, including even the stupidest ones. Without such a living philosophy and thinking methodology, even the best dark managers wouldn’t even have a remote chance to utilize dark management to begin with, and we wouldn’t even have any way to make any sense of any dark management practice at all. Note that fluently commanding it is itself incredibly costly and hard, almost always to the point that there’ll simply be no turning back once we’ve invested any serious effort into it. Think twice before picking this choice, and thus, studying dark management.
  8. We need to be able to hold all the possible consequences of all possible choices in our heads at the same time. This ability lets dark managers formulate several main and contingency plans that are all composable and decomposable, meaning that they can effortlessly generate new plans by combining and reassembling the existing ones as the situation changes. Thus they can both be very proactive and reactive. This ability also lets them formulate plans as conspiracies when not revealed, and as “stratagem in the open(陽謀)” if revealed. The targets either suffer painfully without ever noticing anything or suffer painfully without being able to do anything. Ultimately, the best dark managers can shape the situations so that they’ll always win no matter what.
  9. We need to be able to be very long-term thinkers while having keen sights on the short term. The best dark managers can plan ahead for years or even decades based on the present if that’s what it takes to optimally maximize their self-interest. Nevertheless, no matter how clear the directions of their foresight and visions are, they still need to play by the short term or the long-term wouldn’t even exist in the 1st place. Also, such abilities and patience let them utilize the boiling frog strategy — one of their most deadly means besides character assassination. Similarly, without such a grand scope, we’d not be able to connect the past with the present and the future(seemingly scattered yet actually coherent) to reveal the real actions and intents of those elusive masterminds.
  1. Become typical dark managers. While only the most talented masterminds can have a remote chance to become the best dark managers, ordinarily experienced and smart people can become typical ones, even though it still requires tons of practice and skills.
  2. Become able to reveal typical dark managers. While only the best dark managers can have a remote chance to reveal their fellows, ordinarily experienced and smart people can reveal typical ones, even though it still requires tons of evidences and observations.
  3. Become able to defuse most dark management tactics before/after they’ve started. Unfortunately, we’re not expected to be able to defuse super weapons like character assassinations launched by the best dark managers once we’re totally caught off guard.



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Dark Management

Dark Management

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